AcoustiTECH launches the AcoustiCONDO program

2019 / 2 / 28

AcoustiTECH launches the AcoustiCONDO program

AcoustiTECH is officially launching its unique and exclusive program for sound dampening in multi-storey buildings : AcoustiCONDO.

AcoustiCONDO is an efficient and simple tool that can be used to help choose the right acoustic system when renovating your condo unit. The program is designed to accompany condo board managers and companies in finding the appropriate solutions to optimize acoustic efficiency of the building when co-owners are replacing their floor covering. The AcoustiTECH team will analyze the overall structure of your building, will offer customized recommendations and will help creating/updating an acoustic regulation chart/bylaw. Furthermore, AcoustiCONDO allows owners to receive a personalized and professional service from our partners, members of the program.
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