Tranquility when working from home, 5 tips for you

Stéphanie Landry Poirier

Tuesday, 07 July 2020

In the last few months, due to an exceptional global circumstance, workplaces will never be the same. For many, working from home has become the norm rather than the exception.

Like it or not, this change requires adaptation on several levels. This involves, among other things, using new technological tools, developing a new work routine and installing an adequate workspace being ergonomically comfortable and quiet.

This is what we are going to talk about in this post. How to improve acoustics for a home office space in order to find peace of mind and avoid disturbing other residents during meetings or professional calls.

Here are some tips for working peacefully at home:

1. Clearly define your workspace. If you want to adequately soundproof a space to create a room where you can focus, it is essential to define where your office will go. It is obvious that the corner area of a room will be easier to maximise. Since there are walls to work with, rather than working in the center of a living room or on a kitchen table.

2. Consider using soundproofing materials around this area. Materials like gypsum, acoustic panels and fabric curtains can do a great job to control acoustics in your chosen space.

3. Pay special attention to the floor. To be comfortable you will have to adjust your chair properly. Since we are more stationary in teleworking, we also recommend getting up regularly to stretch. To avoid annoying other residents with this recurring noise, choose a slightly softer floor covering, a plastic protector or a rug under the chair to absorb the sound.

If you have neighbors below, make sure the acoustics are adequate and not just under your workspace. You can do so by contacting our AcoustiCONDO team. With some basic information about your floor ceiling assembly, they can help you understand the quality of acoustics that is impacting your neighbors in the unit below.

4. As for the ceiling and the walls, there are sound-absorbing acoustic tiles available on the market. This will create a cozy atmosphere and absorb sounds, providing better acoustics in the room and minimizing noise to come through in neighbouring rooms.

5. Choose the decor. In general, the decoration, especially if made of foam or fabric, will absorb sound waves and reduce reverberation which will tend to attenuate noise. In short, run to your favorite decor shop, you will surely find some finds there.

In all cases, you can ensure that your workspace acoustics can be controlled, for you and for others close by. It remains essential to ensure that your home offers a proper acoustic performance for you and your neighbours. If you are thinking of renovating a condo with a home office, feel free to get in touch with our AcoustiCONDO team.

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