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AcoustiTECH offers complementary solutions to its product range to optimize acoustic comfort throughout the building.

Our years of experience and relationships built in the building soundproofing industry have helped us refine our customer approach and build strong relationships with our partners. Our goal is always to put the right product in the right place to ensure acoustic comfort.

Mass Timber

Mass timber structures offer several advantages. However, these are offset by acoustical challenges. AcoustiTECH has developed an expertise to provide services and solutions to meet your needs for all mass timber projects.

Common Living Areas

Every condo or hotel project offers a unique lifestyle. It goes without saying that optimal soundproofing for these common areas is crucial for the occupants. We offer several solutions to optimize their well-being in your projects.

Building Mechanics and Essentials

The mechanical systems installed in your projects are essential. Most of these equipments and systems can be a source of noise. Discover our acoustic solutions to ensure a well soundproofed environment.

Floor-Ceiling Composition

Although AcoustiTECH products are located under the floors, we always look at the floor-ceiling composition to understand the acoustic performance. Today, we offer services and solutions for optimal acoustic performance from floor to ceiling.

Our partners

A unique service offered to condo board members, co-ownership managers and professionals who serve condo owners looking to renovate their floors. We offer a simple, consultative approach that will guide you to wise material choices. We also help you establish simple and effective bylaw for the renovation of floors in your building. With your building's floor plan and our comparative database evaluation, we guide you towards solutions!

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