Want to solve your noise problems once and for all?

Julie Leduc

Friday, 10 February 2017

Soundproofing a building is often a puzzle for an architect or any construction professional. So what are the best acoustic solutions to achieve superior soundproofing performance? In other words, what product to install in your building to avoid hearing the neighbor snoring or the neighbor walking with her high heels?

The recipe is simple: put the right product in the right place. For more than 15 years, AcoustiTECH, the North American leader in acoustics, has developed expertise by working closely with acousticians, architects and builders. More than 2000 acoustic tests have been carried out in our laboratories and on site allowing us to advise you adequately in the choice of the best acoustic solutions for your project. Whether for a new construction or a renovation, our team of experts will analyze your plans and offer different combinations of products to achieve an acoustic performance that will meet your needs and the capacity of your building.

Our company manufactures flooring acoustic membranes made of high-quality synthetic fibers and specially designed for different types of floor coverings (glued or floated engineered flooring, ceramic, vinyl, etc.) and suited for any type of structure (concrete, light wood-frame, precast concrete, mass timber, steel, etc.). They offer acoustic efficiencies that exceed industry standards and contribute to LEED credits. Since our partnership with Soprema, for more than a year, AcoustiTECH now offers a complete range of acoustic solutions by adding those for walls, ceilings and drainage pipes.

Our approach is unique and personalized. Let our team of experts work with you to advise you in achieving superior soundproofing for your project!

Follow our blog to learn more about industry trends, acoustic notions or solutions and condo living. Don’t you want your construction project to be listed in the lemon prices for worst soundproofing?

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