Mass Timber building: hard to soundproof?

Julie Leduc

Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Mass Timber construction is growing well in the multi-storey building market. They are stable and meet the highest requirements in terms of quality, cost-effectiveness and environmental sustainability.

AcoustiTECH is always close to construction market trends and our acoustic expertise goes well beyond concrete structures! We offer high-performance solutions for mass timber constructions, with and without concrete toppings, which leave the ceiling visible, meet STC standards and provide IICs superior to the recommendations of the National Building Code (NBC).

A leader in building acoustics in North America, AcoustiTECH stands out with its innovative and high-performance impact noise solutions. Mass timber construction is no exception in our product offer. Our latest innovation is the SOFIX acoustic module, which offers superior soundproofing to this type of building.

SOFIX is designed for:

- Meeting NBC requirements in terms of acoustics (impact and airborne noises) without suspended ceiling

- Reducing the transfer of impact noises (high and low frequencies)

- Getting rid of concrete topping. Reduces weight load by up to 20 lbs/sq.ft.

- Leaving the mass timber ceiling visible

- And more! Click here for more information (link to Sofix's Landing page)

Soprema and Fermacell solutions also offer high-performance assemblies for mass timber buildings. Contact us to learn more!

EXCLUSIVE! A complete acoustic research report on mass timber structures, including 25 assemblies and written by our team of experts, is now available.


Remember to introduce our AcoustiTECH solutions right from the building's design stage and give occupants peace of mind and an incomparable living space with superior soundproofing.

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