6 ideas to make your condo look bigger

Alexandra Coulombe

Friday, 11 August 2017

Small rooms, small furniture, big building; life in a condo can be very messy if you don’t organize your interior or living space properly! Every space available in your condo has to be wisely thought. Here are 6 ideas to transform your storage units into a decoration or to make your rooms look bigger!

Light and pale colors

The color of your walls has a big impact on how your room looks like. Try putting on lighter and paler colors to create the perception of a bigger room; these colors appear to be farther away from us. As to darker and warmer colors, they appear to move towards us. With those two concepts, it is possible to change the shape of a room, to make it look larger or longer. For example, putting on lighter colors on walls makes the room appear more spacious as it enables the eye to travel continuously around the room.


Furniture is all around our house and has different usage depending in which room it is placed, might as well use them for storage! Benches, tables, beds, ingeniously thought, can all be great storage units! At some point, your invitees won’t even believe there’s storage underneath the table they are eating or playing on!

Furniture size

Small-scale furniture that has clean straight lines will make your entire room look bigger. To make your ceiling look very high, choose a bookcase that is floor-to-ceiling height. You’ll have more storage for your books or any other small things!

Tiny spaces

There are also those tiny spaces where you can’t seem to put anything because you’re afraid you won’t be able to reach it once it is in it. Use this space to build a built-in shelf that you can pull out. In it, store spices or any tiny jars that always seem to be in a mess! No sooner said than done, you can spice up your meal without having to go through all your dozen spice jars! 

Overloaded rooms

A room that is overload with toys and furniture tends to look smaller. The more you’ll have them laying around your house, the more you’ll feel cluttered. Every item should have its own storing area. Every time something new enters the house, another should be thrown away.


Mirrors can be one of the best tools for the small condominiums owners. Depending on how you place them, where and how many you install, you’ll be able to make your room look bigger. For example, floor length mirrors can make your room feel taller. Its long shape draws the eyes up to the ceiling and the mirror effect carries the eyes all around the room.

Those are few of the endless possibilities you can do in your condo to make it look bigger.  Storage can be made out of anything you find. With inspiration and time, you can create amazing things! But remember, paint your walls in light and pale colors, do not place too many and too big furniture in your rooms, use every empty space you can find, do not overload your condo and use mirrors to make it look bigger! Go see our Pinterest board to get inspire on many ideas ingenious storage ideas!

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