How to convert your house into a “noise free” duplex!

Julie Leduc

Wednesday, 08 August 2018

Most single-family houses converted into duplex are not designed to soundproof each storey from one another. Nevertheless, occupants wish to live comfortably without knowing life habits of their neighbor. Here are some tips to improve your comfort and optimize the soundproofing of your building.

About the actual structure:

  1. Fill the space with batt insulationl between the joists. You have to put as much as you can without over-compressing it.
  2. Install Soprema Acoustivibe drywall suspension system on the side of the joists to allow the decoupling of the ceiling structure.
  3. Install two drywalls to the ceiling instead of a single one to create more mass.
  4. Fix properly the plywood prior to floor covering installation.

The best solution: AcoustiTECH SOFIX module

With its high quality acoustic performance, if you have the height available, this is definitely the best choice. A big advantage of the SOFIX is that it is compatible with any floor type.

The SOFIX module is 1 ½ in (38 mm) thick. Above it, two plywoods (5/8 in + ½ in (16 mm + 12 mm)) must be installed and then the floor covering. See technical data sheet and installation guide for complete information.

Other possible solutions:

  • 10 mm and more floating engineered flooring on a Soprema Acoustiboard membrane (3/8 in (8 mm))
  • Hardwood flooring nailed to Fermacell fibreboards (30 mm (1¼ in))
  • Floating floor + Soprema Insonobois membrane (3.5 mm (1/8 in))

Before making your final choices, verify the maximum height available that you have between the plywood and the floor covering. An acoustic solution such as SOFIX module may be necessary to achieve an acoustic performance that meets the minimum recommended by the National Building Code and comfort for all occupants.

Hoping that these various soundproofing options will guide you during the transformation of your house into a duplex to make your project a success ... without noise! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions: 1-888-838-4449 or

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