Acousticondosimplifies the purchase,
sale and regulation
processes in co-ownership

Stage bureau

For the owner,

this means buying the right product that will provide you peace of mind, and the satisfaction of being an exemplary neighbour. For a property manager or condo board, this means having an experienced team at your service in the implementation of bylaws and in the selection of products to prioritize harmony in their building. Finally, for the retailer, it is a tool to simplify the co-owners purchasing process and to ensure your customers have access to the right product. Being a member of AcoustiCONDO is a sound decision to experience peace of mind.

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How Does It Work?

Analysis of your building's structural plans and a recommendation of the best acoustic solution for the floor covering selected.

Option of writing or modifying bylaws regarding floor remodeling and more

Accompanied by a team of experts, formed by AcoustiTECH and accredited retailers, in order to offer you a personalized and professional service.

For Co-Ownership Managers and Board Members who want to know more!

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