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Who wants a quiet fitness room in their condo building?

Who wants a quiet fitness room in their condo building?

December 7, 2018

Fitness rooms are popping up everywhere now, from multi-storey condo buildings, office suites, strip malls and even in regular apartment buildings. Even though they generate a lot of buzz wherever they spring up, they also generate a lot of noise. It’s not intentional, it’s part of the gym culture. If you are to integrate a gym in a multi-storey building expect 911 calls and police showing up at your doors, lots of complaints or stares from other residents. The loud music noise for sport motivation, shouts and screams from the pain, the spinning stationary bikes and the clanking sound of the weights have forced some fitness rooms into closing down.

Many options are available to a fitness room in a multi-storey condo building. It’s not just the walls that will be sound insulated; the ceiling and the floors are also in need of sound insulation. Whether for a new construction or an existing building, various high-performance soundproofing solutions are available.

There are three categories of options available:

  • Adding to the structural mass

One method of soundproofing your gym is to give a denser frame to the walls, floors and ceiling. This can be achieved by employing extra layers of drywalls.

  • Decreasing airborne noises

Where air can pass, so can sound! By not giving room for any air leakages, you can soundproof your fitness room. Look for leaks in walls, ceiling and floors. This can be around electrical fixtures, heating and cooling vents, doors, electrical boxes and light fixtures.

  • Decreasing impact noises

Another effective method of soundproofing fitness centers in a multi-storey condominium is decoupling walls, ceiling and floors. This can be done using resilient channel or ceiling clips.

However, in an existing building, you can still carry out soundproofing without any major remodeling through the following options:

  1. Soundproofed doors and windows

Doors and windows are the major route through which noise escapes from any closed space. You can install soundproofed doors and windows to reduce sound leakage. Of course, other options will have to be employed alongside this option.

  1. Acoustical mat

Acoustical mats are specially designed for the floor of a fitness room. To curtail the clanking sound from weights and gym equipment, you can employ a heavy-duty vibration reduction pad. It’s quite easy to use and cheap.

Whatever option you settle for, it doesn’t guarantee 100% soundproofing. The landlord and other tenants will have to understand that you’ve made efforts to make the environment more pleasing and livable.

There are products specially designed to reduce noise from a gym.

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