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What to do when your drainage pipe makes noise?

What to do when your drainage pipe makes noise?

Reading time: Written by Julie Leduc on April 10, 2019

Do you hear the passage of water inside your drainage pipes? Are you looking for a solution to eliminate noise from flushing toilets and sinks? It is possible to carry out work in an easier, quicker and cheaper way. ACOUSTIDRAIN from Resisto is an acoustic product that eliminates noise from drainpipe.

In order to eliminate noise coming from drainage pipes, it is possible to carry out the work yourself by installing ACOUSTIDRAIN around the pipes. It is a self-adhesive acoustic product composed of a semi-rigid bituminous membrane that is fast and easy to install and requires no special tools.

Resisto (Soprema) performed acoustic tests on site with water flowing at a high flow rate through a pipe. The results are incredible: the installation of ACOUSTIDRAIN product on a plastic pipe offers 16 times greater soundproofing than mineral wool, for example.

Everything is played in the details. Soundproofing of your home, when done the proper way, should reduce airborne and impact noise, as well as noise related to drainpipe.

Acoustics is an investment, not an expense!

Contact us to discover all the possibilities to reduce noises that affect your comfort.

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