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How to remove adhesive residues from wood flooring?

How to remove adhesive residues from wood flooring?

Reading time: Written by Julie Leduc on February 7, 2018

You have a brand new hardwood floor, but you realize that installers left adhesive marks everywhere as a result of their work. How to fix it? Some will suggest DIY methods to remove them: scratch it with an old credit card, scrub it with WD-40 or vegetable oil or finally apply dry ice! Yet there is a simple and effective solution: AD-Remover adhesive cleaning wipes.

AD-Remover adhesive cleaning wipes remove all flooring adhesives including dry or wet urethanes. They are biodegradable, easy to use and do not harm most finishes. Here's how to use them:

Note: Before use, read the product label and test on a small area to ensure compatibility. It is recommended to use gloves.

Step 1

Rub the wet or cured adhesive with a wipe to dissolve it.

Step 2

If the adhesive has cured for more than 48 hours, using a blade, carefully remove the excess.

Step 3

Lay a wet towel over the cured adhesive and let stand approximately 5 minutes. Then wipe with a new wipe.

Step 4

Wipe clean area with a clean and damp cloth.

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