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Can I install AcoustiTECH membranes in my home?

Can I install AcoustiTECH membranes in my home?

Reading time: Written by Julie Leduc on March 27, 2018

Even if you are not living in a condo, it is possible to use AcoustiTECH membranes in your home and it will even give an added value to your family house.

AcoustiTECH CERAMIC membrane will provide a warmer ceramic floor in the kitchen and bathroom as well as protect joints from cracking.

As regards the AcoustiTECH VP membrane, it will protect your floated floor from vapor emission (ideal for basement), will improve stability between the structure and the floated floor and will keep your feet warmer.

For a vinyl flooring installation (planks and tiles), the AcoustiTECH LV membrane is the perfect choice.

For glued down installations (solid wood or engineered flooring), AcoustiTECH membranes TECH series and LEAD series will increase in-room comfort and will absorb noise in order to provide a muffled ambience and peacefulness.

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