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CCMCSince 2002, most of AcoustiTECH membranes are certified by the Canadian Construction Materials Center (CCMC). Membranes must be re-evaluated every three years to keep its certification. CCMC is an independant organization part of the National Research Council's Institute that evaluates construction materials.

CCMC evaluates construction products with respect to their suitability for intended use and conformity to applicable codes and recognized standards: ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials), NBC (National Building Code).

Those products must meet severe requirements regarding:

  • Health (toxicity)
  • Safety
  • Compliance with the National Building Code of Canada
  • National Fire Code of Canada

Product or project specifiers consult the CCMC evaluation report for accurate and truthful expertise to determine the acceptability of a product: CCMC certification confirms the accuracy of Finitec Canada literature.


NFPASpecifiers in the industry are very cautious with products that can either activate a fire or release dangerous fume. Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) specifies that AcoustiTECH membranes aluminium film is non flammable and non explosive. Polypropylene material will burn slowly, membranes fibers will not be a threat for excessive fire spread and is also a non carcinogen product.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) rating:

  • Health : 0 No unusual hazard
  • Flammability : 1 Combustible if heated
  • Reactivity : 0 Not reactive when mixed with water


Finitec Canada protects its unique and specialised products and technology by having its products patented in Canada, United States and China.

ISO 9001:2000 Registered: 4453-1

Quality control certification insuring constant and dependable productions for every product. An organization is required to fulfill and achieve customer satisfaction through consistent products quality.


CBDCFinitec Canada is a proud member of this organization that promotes environmentally friendly environment and buildings in Canada by credits called LEED®. Most of our products qualify you for LEED® points in these categories:

  • Materials and Resources (MR)
  • Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)


NFWASince 1994, Finitec Canada is a proud member of this organization that promotes technical resources, educational programs and networking events in the wood flooring industry.

C-TPAT Certification

What is C-TPAT?

C-TPATThe Customers-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) is an initiative of U.S. Customs and Border Protections (CBP) and works in voluntary partnership with businesses to secure every aspect of the international supply chain. This accreditation is given to companies and carriers that show high level of security.

PIP Certification

What is PIP?

ASFCThe Partners In Protection (PIP) is the Canadian border services agency as the C-TPAT in United-States.

What are the advantages?

Those accreditations allow a faster and safer access to the United States and Canadian Customs. They also provide to accredited carrier confidence and safety in the goods they carry.

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