Adhesive AD-316

Rubber based adhesive

AD-316 is a high performance rubber based adhesive without solvent. Specially designed for glued membrane, laminate or wood floor on concrete or wood subfloor or over AcoustiTECH™ acoustical membranes.

Use it for adhering an acoustical membrane or engineered wood flooring to concrete or to a wood surface (plywood or OSB) and engineered wood glued on membrane.



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Technical specifications

Acoustitech 7000

Size R factor Drying time VOC Polymer type
15 L / 3.96 gal. U.S. & 7.2 L / 1.9 gal. U.S. 0.439 24 h 50 g/L Acrylique - latex SBR / SBR emulsion polymer

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