Acoustic underlayment for vinyl flooring AcoustiTECH LV

Acoustic membrane for vinyl flooring (planks and tiles)

AcoustiTECH™ LV, with an approximate thickness of 5/64 inch (2,1 mm), provides an acoustical performance of 59 FIIC when installed in a floating installation with a vinyl flooring, on a 8 inches (20 cm) concrete slab, without suspended ceiling. This result was obtained from a well-known and certified acoustician firm. This acoustical membrane is appropriate with specification for new construction or renovation. Its excellent performances will please condos owners and property management companies.


AcoustiTECH™ LV is specially designed for vinyl flooring (planks and tiles). It increases in-room comfort by creating a muffled ambiance and by absorbing noise from travelling through multi-level dwellings.


AcoustiTECH LV Ombre

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Technical specifications

Acoustitech 7000

Cover Weight Thickness Width Length Diameter
150 sq.ft. 6,7 lb 5/64 po 45 po 40 pi 9 po
13,94 m2 3 kg 2,1 mm 1,14 m 12,2 m 22,9 cm

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