Acoustic underlayment for floated flooring AcoustiTECH VP

Reduces noise caused by your floating floor

AcoustiTECH™ VP membrane, with an approximate thickness of 1/16 inch (2,2 mm), provides an acoustical performance of 60 FIIC when install with a floated floor on a 8 inches (20 cm) concrete slab, without suspended ceiling. This result was obtained from a well-known and certified acoustician firm. This membrane is the most appropriate for the specification in new construction or renovation. Its excellent performances will please condo owners and property management companies.

AcoustiTECH™ VP membrane also provides thermal comfort and optimizes the performance of electrical radiant heating systems and is compatible with hydronic radiant heating systems. It increases the sound quality of the room by reducing the echo caused by floating floors.



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Technical specifications

Acoustitech 7000


Cover Weight Thickness Width Length Diameter
100 pi2 6 lbs 1/16 po 36 po 33.3 pi 7.5 po
9.3 m2 3.2 kg 2.2 mm 0.914 m 10.2 m 19 cm

Results obtained on a 8" concrete slab WITHOUT a suspended ceiling. Acoustical ratings are for information only. Choice of floor covering, quality of construction materials and method of installation can affect acoustical ratings

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