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Does the building structure influence the acoustic efficiency?

March 15, 2018

Achieving acoustic performance in a building depends on a combination of several factors. The structure of the building and the quality of workmanship during the installation/application of each of the materials are all elements that will influence the acoustics of each project and will provide optimal acoustic to its occupants.


New sound insulation solution for mass timber buildings

February 27, 2018

Mass timber buildings are developing rapidly in the construction market in Canada, and elsewhere in the world. They have several benefits: faster to build, design flexibility, small ecological footprint because wood is a renewable resource, etc. However, this type of structure meets several challenges, including sound insulation. So far, acoustic solutions in the floor/ceiling assembly for airborne and impact noises conceal the apparent ceiling of the mass timber structure. This, according to many, is a shame, because it is precisely these wooden architectural elements that characterize them and are appreciated by the owners. A new innovative sound insulation solution now exists: the AcoustiTECH SOFIX acoustic module.


Can I install a 7mm membrane under my ceramic flooring?

February 16, 2018

One of the important criteria in choosing an acoustic flooring membrane is mechanical performance. It must be ensured that the product meets the mechanical criteria (thickness, density and internal cohesion) of the selected floor covering, here the ceramic. Too often, this aspect is neglected by consumers, while it is just as important as acoustic performance.



Membranes acoustiques insonorisation de plancher

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