Wood floor

The new generation Consistent
with the Sustainable Buildings and projects LEED®

Membranes bonded joints - wood floors

Superior soundproofing

  • Increases comfort in the room, creating a cozy atmosphere
  • Blocks the noise that goes to the lower floors
  • Allows the installation of wood flooring in your home, condos and hotels

Heat to feet

  • Reflects the heat from the room to the floor to keep warmer
  • Blocks the cold from the subfloor (R 1.16 factor)
  • Increases the performance of underfloor heating


  • Performance and long-term sustainability
  • Energy saving
  • Increases the value of your home

MADE FIBERS 100% recycled

  • Facilitates obtaining credit LEED®
  • Consistent with the Sustainable Buildings
Hardwood floor thin underlayment manufacturer in Canada

Membranes acoustiques insonorisation de plancher

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